The Inventor

My name is Nima Saboor. I was born to a wonderful family of six children. My mother was a teacher and my father was a Math and Physics professor, and as expected, education, culture and art were very important to my parents; not only in my family, but deeply rooted in my rich Persian history and cultural background. My parents taught us to read, write and basic math at the early age of four and all my siblings were very advanced when we started school, so much so that we had to advance to special education classes at our level.


As a child I was always very curious, adventurous and tried to find out how things were made. My parents were there to answer my questions. Why, how, why not, could be better, were some of my favorite words. At an early age I decided to know more about everything and that desire became the engine behind my willingness to study different fields such as: Electronics, Art & Design, Computer Science and Software Engineering. I love to think outside of the box and push my limitations further in order to discover new things. The same goes for physical activities like running, biking, and hiking, among others.


I have lived, studied and worked in eight countries and speak six languages. I never aspired to become an ordinary person and follow the crowd, and have never been afraid of being the black sheep. Having said that, I have always looked for a different, yet better way to do things and get better results that were easier, faster and cheaper in the process.